Each of us are being called to just BE…. Do you feel The resistance to life at the moment ? Do you feel the push and pulling from all
We are being called to BE yet so many of us struggle to know what ‘just BE’ truly means … when we don’t grasp what something means we are unable to do that thing … understanding is required!
So what does it mean to Just Be?
It means that we have to let go of what we think should be happening and allow what is actually happening….without trying to control the outcome … without worrying about the outcome … just observing that which life is showing us.
We have all been conditioned to believe certain things about ourselves, our life, others and the World around
We have been taught this by those that came before … who were taught by those that came before them … taught to think, feel and act a certain way.
We’ve been taught to push harder … to force what we believe should be happening … and if it’s not going the way we think it should go then we must be bad people and deserve bad things to happen to us.
This very act is the same as rowing against the currents …when life brings us turbulence … so we are conditioned to row harder against that which is trying to play out before us … all in the hopes that the turbulence will subside… yet it rarely does, we just get more of the same!
The act of just BEing requires us to take our hands of the ores completely … to allow the currents to naturally turn us in the direction they are naturally flowing… for us to become the passenger rather than the navigator
This can feel like defeat … because that is what we have been programmed to believe… but what in fact is happening is that you are surrendering to the currents of life … not because they have defeated you … but because the rowing against them is exhausting, it requires all of your energy to keep you in the boat … not really going anywhere just staying afloat… experiencing the same again and again
All of this energy and effort to keep you in a place you think you should be … or keeping you being the person you think you should be … but where has this ‘should be’ come from?
That thing should happen a certain way according to who?
You should be a certain way according to who?
We never stop to ask these questions … we never stop to ask ourselves if we even like the situation and like the person we think we should be. We don’t have the energy for such questioning when we are constantly rowing upstream against the natural flow.
Why do you think it should be that way?
Why do you think you should be this or that person?
If you take away the Should’s in life … what are you left with?
Who you think you should be is not who you are
What you think life should look like is not what life is like
And until each of us can take our hands of the ores and trust that the currents will turn us and guide us … we will remain locked into the ‘Should’s’ of life.
Just Being is an act of surrender … an act of faith that a higher power is guiding each of us … it is our job to become aware of this guidance, to listen out for the sounds of the Soul and to act in response to what we see, hear, feel and sense from within.
Your life is your teacher … your life will always be your biggest teacher as you walk this ascension pathway … in order to see your life as it is, you must stop trying to see it as you think it should be.
I too am being called to just BE … I have listened to call and I honor my beingness in all her Divinity

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