This is why it is important for all of us to Dis-Connect for a while and lose yourself in something other than what you’re used to. It is important to bring all aspect of your life into alignment for this very reason!


A Dis-Connect is Not going from a positive to a negative … it is merely an ‘unplugging’ to allow what have been absorbed to be integrated into the Unconscious parts of our Being. It is far easier to do this when the Conscious mind is distracted. That distraction must be within the same frequency range of where you are currently working on yourself at! We don’t want to inner child healing and then go watch a Horror … but watching a light hearted comedy that instils good thoughts & good emotions whilst the integration is taking place assists in the reprogramming from the Old into the New.


My go to ‘unplugged’ are Brooklyn 99’ – Big Bang theory – anything on Gaia – these programs are highlighting the higher states in life … and helping us shift from state of BEing (consciousness) into another state of Being (consciousness)


If we fail to bring our life into alignment we will constantly be knocked of our middle pillar. Always having to re-experience life through the same lens … meaning we do not grow, expand, evolve!


We, as humans are a technology of sorts! A technology the world is just beginning to understand … The more we seek to know ourselves the more our inner technology begins to activate and operate. The Dis-Connect is part of the process. So many give themselves unnecessary hard times due to not fully understanding the entirety of their being or the reality in which they live in.


The knocks backs are part of this journey … accept that they are move beyond the disappointment you feel when you experience your own knock back! They lessen over time! It’s the getting back up that is important … that is all that matters on this path to self – discovery.


Bring your phases of Unplugging into a frequency match with where you want to be will assist your transformational processes.


Things to bring into your awareness –


What TV are you watching?

Where are you socializing?

Who do you spend most of your time with?

What are you eating & drinking?

What are you learning?

What are you reading?

What inner & outer dialogs do you have going on?


How do each of these things make you feel in your mind & body? Write down any thoughts, feelings or impressions you have.


If they are undesirable or not in the frequency you want to be in, what can you do differently for each one?


This is the inner work required to bring your life into alignment. You must be courageous enough to be truthful and be brave enough to change the things that have been highlighted. What needs to go?

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