For eons of time we have been told from external sources to fear the parts of us that lurk in the shadows … the parts that don’t fit into the societal constructs and systems … the parts that don’t look the part, sound the part or act the part … and like good little citizens of the Western World we did what we were told … we didn’t know any different and we must forgive ourselves as a species for our ignorance.

We are now at the time in our evolution that we are ready to be lifted out of the conditioning and into a higher perspective … where a Higher or Inner force guides us Collectively towards a World that operates through the higher frequencies of Love & Unity.

In order to reach this frequency of Love & Unity Collectively, we must each individually relearn all that we have learnt thus far and come to Re-know the Self through the eyes of the Soul.

Our Fears are either inherited or acclimated too … meaning the Higher Self, the Soul does not know fear, as they reside in a place – a frequency – a perspective – that is far removed from the heavy thickness of fear.

The small Self/lower mind – the conditioned structures & systems, the shadow & ego – are the aspects of the self that know fear. Fear comes through thinking … the small self thinks … the higher self, the TRUE SELF Knows. In Knowing there is no fear there is only acceptance … when one accepts, one knows …. Knowing and acceptance are one in the same … two parts that make up a whole … they are intertwined within each other.

All fears are either inherited – passed down to us through our years of conditioning from our parents, schools, media, social groups etc. … Or we acclimate to our fears meaning we agree to them through the choices we make in our everyday lives – the things we do or don’t do because of the fear we choose only to see and hold.

In order to move beyond the Fears that we hold … we must first become aware of the fears we hold. You must see them … without dressing them up as something they are not to ease the discomfort you may feel.

So, before We walk through the Shadow Lands of our Soul, You must become aware of the fear that you are holding at the very thought of engaging with your small self / your shadow.

The first thing that comes to Mind is your Unconscious response and the response that holds the most truth for you – it is your Higher Self – trust this first impression.

What do you fear about your Shadow?

bring your fear from your inner being and into your outer awareness – complete the sentence holding the awareness of your seeing your shadow self.

I fear ……………………………………………

Now we’ve got that out of the way with you …. Recognize if you feel better… feel lighter in some way?

When you bring something out of your being – out of your mind – and into your conscious awareness – your outer awareness – you have removed a big ass block that was in your way … know you can Re-Know your idea of Shadow outside of the fear you have held it in thus far – because you now see it, you’ve voiced it, you’ve taken its power away because you it’s no longer lurking in the shadows – your need to keep it held in … your resistance, is what holds the fear inside you and is what calls that fear to you – you can now work with this aspect of the Self in a new way … that is outside of the fear you once held.

The Higher Consciousness perspective –

Your shadow is an aspect of your Soul … your shadow is the reflection of the light from your higher self … your True Self.

When we walk outside on a sunny day, the light from the sun hits our body and casts a shadow … your shadow is the shadow of your illuminated self that exists in a Higher dimension of reality – higher consciousness.

Either everything is of the Divine … or nothing is! Your shadow is part of the ‘everything’ and therefore must also holds its origins in divinity.

We perceive the shadow to be negative because it has been held in darkness by the collective … constantly being told what it is from their conditioned perspective for so long that it ( the shadow) forgot what it truly was … it forgot it was an aspect of Divine Light, the shadow of the Divine One being cast down from higher plains of existence, it forgot it was the shadow of the Christ’d One

-“Get behind thee, Satan” is a parable that has been misconstrued throughout our history … when Yeshua spoke these words the intention was to show others that the shadow is part of the self NOT separate but rather the part of the self that stands behind the true self … casting the shadow from divine light – The Shining One –

We (humans) also forgot Who we were and we blamed our forgetting on the shadow self that had been cast into the collective darkness and held there …

We threw those parts of ourselves that we didn’t like into darkness and then tried our best to keep those parts in exile! And in doing so we moved further into separation … further into pain and sorrow on a collective level …. Not understanding why we feel the way we do …. When we have done all that we were told to do … told to be … told to have …. And yet we remain in a place that does not feel good to us … we feel restricted and cut off from something we cannot articulate … yet yearn for at a Soul level.

In truth the Shadow guides the way to the Light … when you track a shadow you will find the thing/object casting that shadow … it is a road map of sorts … the shadow will lead you to thing, object, person or illuminated being that is creating the shadow. It is only your fears of what you ‘think’ the shadow is that keeps you from finding the source casting the shadow.

Remember the small self – the conditioned self – thinks …. The higher self knows.

Now you know what your fear is and it no longer lives within your head … you can begin creating a dialog with your Unconscious self – your higher self – so your fears can now teach you something that will allow you to move beyond them or lift above them.

Your fears are your greatest teachers …. Where you hold fear is where profound growth is available to you. Your fears highlight your ‘power up potential’…which is your ability to overcome your fears and start living from a place of freedom – true freedom is freedom from the frequency of fear in all its forms. Imagine what you can do when you no longer fear that thing or yourself doing that thing … you can feel lighter just thinking about being untethered from that fear and all fear.

You have become so accustomed to fear … to fearing things … fearing yourself … fearing the world … fearing life …. That many of you do not know yourself outside of your fears …. Your fears have become so common in your life that it has created comfort for you – on some level of your being – … so you accept your fears as truth …. Because anything outside of them will mean something different to what you currently know and experience.

This means that you will be benefiting in some way from your fears – in NLP we term this as secondary gain – you are gaining something that is perceived as positive on an unconscious level – and this ‘gain’ is operating below your conscious awareness … you will not have any conscious awareness to it … until you ask the right questions to the parts of the Self that are gaining something from your fears – the ego … the small self … the shadow self … the conditioned self will be ‘telling you a story’ that is comforting on some level so you remain in your fear and remain in the comfort zone these parts have created for you.

Many get lost in the shadow lands … as they are unaware of the systematic structures that makes up their Being … this is purely through a lack of knowledge … we haven’t been taught on a collective level the inner and outer workings of the humans that we are … we have only been taught systems and structures that keep us held in and operating from & through fear. Again, we must forgive ourselves for this.

We are now in the Age of Knowledge … the age of awakening … the lost knowledge that will set us free as a species is NOW returning to us. We learnt much in our slumber … we collectively chose to learn through the lower frequencies… the learnings of which will allow us to expand the low and into the higher frequencies now becoming known to us … We will learn much more from our collective awakened state of BEING. Relearning or Re-Knowing the Shadow as the Soul is part of OUR REMEMBERING.

Learning how to communicate with Higher Consciousness through our Unconscious systems and structures allows us to move through the Shadow Lands of the Soul, without getting lost or pulled into the memories that hold pain and reasons to remain in our fear … a systematic approach – which is what NLP is – ensures you a safe passage through your Shadow SOUL and the conditioning placed within you.

A systematic approach means that we gather what we need only … the cause and the effect – the problem and the secondary gain – the benefits – you are receiving from keeping your problem. NOT the why did this happen to me … what did I do wrong … why am I being punished this way … this is the way we have always been told to approach our Shadow Self and this is the very thing that keeps us in our fear.

How do you or have you approached your shadow self?

Do you hold disdain towards the parts you don’t like? Or hate the parts of the self that bring you shame?

These are all conditioned responses …. Learnt ways to know the self through collective agreement that we are separate. And the best way to unlearn these programmed parts of the Self is to linguistically alter the programming that tells these parts to be this way – we do this through language that confuses … disconnects … reconnects … disassociates and re-associates … I like to call it Mind Fucking … because in essence that is what we are doing.

NLP is a body of work that has uncovered the inner workings of the Mind – NLP is the user manual for the Mind – and it is a powerful tool that I use daily with myself and my clients to detach from the Matrix and reattach our Minds to Higher consciousness … it is an impersonal way (systematic approach) of undoing all the conditioning and programming we have received and agreed to, that causes us to remain in fear … it changed me and continues to change me and my life in ways I cannot articulate, because it elicits an experience for you … it is experiential, as all things must be if we truly desire to KNOW.

I share as much of my knowledge with you as I can … yet even the long essays I write for you barely skim the surface of what I want to share with you … and I’m working to create channels that will allow you to delve in deeper to your psyche in a safe and enjoyable way. I hold open the gate … you must choose to walk through of your own accord.

That being said I have created a FREE Shadow Soul Integration workbook … that uses precise language (NLP) to help you get straight to the root of the problem and become aware of the unseen gains you are getting from keeping your problem.

This workbook – if you follow the guidelines – should take you no more than 10-15 mins.

In love & Light Star BEings

If you want to walk through the Shadow Lands and come to know your Shadow Soul in a new way … click the link below

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