In briefest and easiest way possible, integration is the embodiment of the knowledge, information & understanding you’ve obtained during your spiritual practice. When integration has taken place, you would have transformed all that you learnt into spiritual Wisdom. Wisdom only occurs when knowledge and experience are combined through action.
Integration is the spiritual alchemy we have all heard so much about, changing from one state into another, transforming led (the old outdated version of yourself) into Gold (a higher vibrational version of yourself)
But how? How do we integrate that which we have absorbed …? This is the part most struggle with, attempting to force the alchemical process along … which only ceases the internal alchemy that is trying to occur within you.
Integration is the one part of our spiritual work where surrender is essential … yet what are we surrendering to?
We are surrendering to the new … we are surrendering to all that we just absorbed and allowing that new information – which is energy – which is light … to move through our BEing and re-sort, re-evaluate & re-organize all that was there before.
When I work privately with clients using NLP I always get them to do a mundane task after our session. I encourage them to go for a walk, do the cleaning, the 3d tasks that they have been putting off or just switch off with some non-spiritual, but in alignment stuff.
Because this is how integration works … your unconscious mind (where all learning, change & behavior reside) moves through the parts of your BEing that you have been working on, and changes, re-organizes, refiles, updates and re-arranges all the new information you have been collecting in a new order of importance. The old beliefs, values, memories, feelings are all being altered at the deepest parts of your being. Changing you from the old into the new, from the inside out.
This process can take hours, days or weeks (sometimes months) to fully occur. But we can help it along by stepping aside and allowing the process to take hold without our interference.
It is the conscious mind that interferes with this process … wanting to know everything, wanting to make sure that we don’t need that belief because we might need that fear or hurt or sadness somewhere along the way. This is a protective mechanism of the conscious mind, always working to keep us safe, yet it doesn’t realize the things it’s holding onto are the very things making life not very fun for us.
This is why The Switch Off is essential …. Distract your conscious mind with other things, so that most powerful part you, The Unconscious part of you can work to free you from the chains of the past without the annoying child-like part of the mind getting in the way.
You may have noticed that I have been quite quiet on here this past week … and this is because I have been moving through my own integration process. I have been keeping my conscious mind distracted with the mundane parts of life … while my unconscious mind can work in peace to change all that I desire to change.
Things to do for integration to take place more easily
-Go for walk after your spiritual practices
-Do mundane tasks – washing up, cleaning, cleaning out the crap draw or cupboard
-Be creative – this is the most powerful and quickest way for integration to take place, as we actively engage the right side of your brain, allowing higher energies to move through you and assist in the alchemy that is occurring within you.
-Watching high vibe tv – something that will lift your emotional state into higher realms.
-Guided meditation – remember we want to distract the conscious part of you and guided meditation is a great way to distract the conscious mind.
-Read a book
-See friends and family
-go outside into nature
Anything that keeps the conscious mind distracted will do, as long as its high vibe and uplifts you.
This is how we surrender to the process … by stepping aside, giving up conscious control and trusting that all that has happened is for the betterment of ourselves and all those around us. If we avoid or bypass this process, we will always be learning and integrating the same things, never really growing just looking like we are.
Integration is the easy part … it’s what come after that we find the most challenging … BEING the new version of ourselves in front of others. Becoming aware that we no longer resonate where we once did and being courageous enough to walk away (with only love and light within us) from all that no longer serves our highest purpose and highest path and trusting that all is well always.

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