Ascension symptoms are becoming more and more physical … and we will be feeling this as longer periods of unwell-ness … ascension symptoms disguise themselves as illness!

It’s so important to allow the body to move through any dis-ease without the mental attachments of depression, anxiety, sadness etc. … when the mind is kept in the higher vibrations … deeper healing can occur within the physical vessel …

When the mind is dragged into the conditioned structures that govern health and well-being, we can manifest much more than the ascension symptoms disguised as dis-ease … we will manifest actual disease within us.

Our bodies are changing … as a species we are being continuously upgraded with new light codes … our bodies need to assimilate to these frequencies and vibrations … and unfortunately periods of unwell-ness is part of the upgrading process.

This is a strange space to be In … where you’re body feels like shit … feels like it’s failing you … but with a clear mind suspended in the higher frequencies we can remain in our knowledge of what is truly going on … the evolution of our species into a new human being.

Now that I am feeling more myself … with my energy rebounding (finally) I shall be back to my normal routine of sharing spiritual knowledge for those who are ready to ascend beyond where they currently are.

Deep healing has occurred for me and new octave has been breached … and I can’t wait to share with you all that I have remembered once more

2022 is the year of deeper healing on a collective scale … I’d love to say things will be getting easier … but that would be lie …

we are entering the eye of the storm over the next two years …with collective changes happening … never judge a book by its cover … never take this reality for what you think it is … there is deeper work occurring that will begin to surface in the years to come … the illusions are starting to fall away more rapidly … our fear as a collective is falling away more and more easily … you can help this process by Staying connected to your higher mind in all your experiences

I look forward to climbing the ascension spiral with you as we all embrace a new year of endless possibilities

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