I spend hours and hours pulling together the body of text with the words & images all birthed from the impressions I receive, which are constantly changing and morphing to tell the story as the energy moves through my being and on to the screen.
I do not channel other Beings … meaning that a BEING does not come into my consciousness and takes over the process of relaying the messages I share. I do not get out of the way so another may take my place, although in the past that is what I have wanted!
I’ve asked the questions along the lines of ‘wouldn’t it be easier … and quicker if that did happen!” so I didn’t have to consciously write the words … they can do it for me … and the response I’ve always gotten is ‘I AM YOU … YOU ARE ME’ … and there was a time I didn’t get this statement …! just nodded my head and accepted the way in which I work is a little different to how I see others work.
The past few days this answer has come through to me in more depth … this is what was impressed upon me – in my own words because it is always in my own words.
There are many powerful channels out there … there are many channels that allow higher beings of light to work through them… they get out of the way and the Being of light becomes the one talking, moving the body and expressing through the channel … and some powerful messages and light is brought through this way.
Yet, it’s easy for a BEIng of Light to express the truths of the higher levels of consciousness, because that is where they reside, they have already transitioned through the layers of consciousness, that we as a collective are beginning to move through now… so they come through to share of their experiences … so they may lift us from our slumber and join them in the heights of Higher Consciousness.
I see so many channels bring through higher Beings of light and they share some powerfully transformative messages … but I also see that these same channels do not adhere to teachings they bring through.
They still hold fear within them … they still have the small-self running the show … they are still at the mercy to the external world … and there is nothing wrong with this … as they will be learning in their own way through this.
This is not the role I have come to do … (as much as sometimes I feel this would be far easier for me) … The role I have come to play involves me experiencing the teachings of higher consciousness through my own BEING … consciously choosing to learn through the use of my free will … to put what I’ve learnt into practice by bringing the teachings into my life – my whole life, not just some areas but my life in its entirety – and going through the transformations so that I may KNOW them and BE them whilst having this human experience.
Through this process I am in a position to share the teachings from a place of Experience … my own experiences of my everyday human life, which I articulate and share in a way that resonates with many of my fellow humans … because it is only through experience can one truly articulate the experience itself.
My words resonate with many of you … because you know that the teachings come from my own integrations of it. You sense it … and in this sensing you experience the emotion of hope … the first emotion that anchors Faith into your BEing … ‘if she can do it … I can do it’
My role for this lifetime … is the same as my previous lifetime/s – to share Spiritual Wisdom – but unlike my previous lifetimes, where ‘we’ were placed on a pedal stool and believed to be something we were not – this lifetime is about living within the same structures and systems of the collective we wish to uplift and still be able to experience a higher dimensional existence … to SHOW that it is possible through our BEING of it … regardless of where you are placed/ranked/born into within this sphere of reality you have chosen to experience yourself in.
The messages I share do not come from a BEing that is separate from me … because there is nothing separate from me.
I AM the whole … just a refractured aspect of it, expressing myself in singularity yet, holding the blueprint of the whole within my refractured state/form.
Now, not all of us can get the above statement … we cannot comprehend what this means … and that can instil fear … we are programmed to fear the unknown. .. that which we do not know!
Because I have moved through the process of transformation – many times – and through my own studies and teachings … I understand the mental and emotional processes that unfold as we disconnect from the old and reconnect to something new. I understand because I have experienced them again and again … and saw each of them experiences through to the end … and I witness the transformations my clients make as we take this journey together.
In order for you to come to the same understanding … I take you through a metaphorical journey where I bring your mind and your emotions into certain states – in which you will recall memory – and a lightbulb moment can occur…. past events, people and places flash into your minds eye’ and suddenly you become aware of something you didn’t see, sense of know before …
That ‘aha’ moment is a light being turned within you … in your unique way. From this place more awareness can be achieved … and you can begin working with the alchemical transformations that are occurring within us all at this time, but from
A consciously aware state. working with these aspects of yourself means an acceleration in your awakening will occur … which opens up a whole new level of consciousness for you to play within and master.
My posts are long … fucking long. I know because I am the one writing them … re-reading them … making sure the images I’m seeing match the words I am using … do the words and images stir the right emotions … will it trigger the right responses for the most impactful affect for the highest good of all??? – all of this goes on with every single message I share with you and for you.
I share channeled messages in the sense that I am in accordance and alignment with the higher consciousness … there is no need for a Being of Light to come in and speak the words for me… because I am that BEing of Light … it is me … I am them … they are me … just in a higher state of consciousness … in another dimension / reality … in a different form to the one I am currently housing …
I am channel in the sense that I am connected to the whole and my connection creates a channel for the light to move through me. I am writing these words with the higher consciousness … with the whole … I am given signs throughout – truth-bumps, physical sensations of touch and closeness … I feel the Whole supporting the words that flow because the whole is with me as they come through … but, they are articulated through my own expression because I am the aspect in physical form and my experiences hold the most weight in relatability. So, I work with the light as a fully conscious being and together we bring you these messages.
My messages are long for many purposes … the primary being the one I shared above … they also act as a filtering system … those who are ready to embody a higher state of BEIng take the time and bring their full awareness and commit to the message, no matter the length. And those who are not yet ready for this level of teaching … scroll on past.
Even now … this post was intended to be short & sweet … yet the words flow and they connect and the more they connect … the more sense they make … so I just go with it … trusting that it will convert the light into words and will reach those who are in alignment to it.
What happens from the point of sharing is none of my business … I’ve done my part and it is done with Love & Light coursing through me. I trust it will reach all those that are seeking it.
I thank each of you who take the time to read the words I share and I hope that they bring you as much light as they have brought me over the years.
I am a humble messenger of light
In Love & Light Star Beings

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