We are always in such a rush to get to the next place … the next milestone … the next level of our BEingness … that we often overlook where we currently are.

I hear you … “but I don’t like where I am” … “I don’t like this place I find myself in”

And it is through your very dislike of who you are and where you are, that you manifest more of the same.

You have to recognize the light from your current perspective before you can see the light on from all other perspectives.

If you are desiring a relationship yet you don’t have one … recognize, accept and celebrate the strength you have found standing on your own two feet. See all that you have achieved through your own resolves.

If you are wanting out of a relationship … recognize that you have become aware of your own unhappiness and you have heard the calling to honor this state you find yourself in.

If you’re stuck in a job that is draining you … recognize all that the job has given you thus far, thank it for the opportunities it has given you and honor that it’s ok to grow beyond your current limitations.

It is only through the recognizing and acceptance of where we now stand that we can begin honoring that which has brought us to this very spot.

We all know that what we resist persists … because our very focus on the lack in life is what holds us in the sameness that we are wanting to move out of!

You will get where you want to go … when you honor where you currently stand.

Honor where I stand … how do I do that?

By recognizing all that brought you here … seeing the connections that have been weaved into your reality through the choices you have made. By taking full accountability of all that came before – the good, the bad and the ugly. You chose it all … and until you can accept this on some level of your BEing … you will remain locked into the lessons that you are trying to teach yourself.

Honor what brought you here … honor the strength, determination and grit that you have mustered up again and again to keep you going when you thought all Hope was lost.

You are here NOW … because the light within you is stronger that you believe it to be.

Honor your light by seeing the divine plan that YOU orchestrated before your in inception into this earthly realm.

… “but I didn’t chose to be abused” “I didn’t chose to be betrayed” “I didn’t chose to be alone”

YES YOU DID … not on a conscious level but on a spiritual level …

Because all of those experiences have taught you something that your soul was desiring to experience and learn from –

The lessons are not what you think they are … the lessons come in the form of Strength, Resilience, forgiveness, acceptance, love, sharing, helping, changing … If you can do all these things despite all that you have moved through … you are the light being reborn into the world of matter.

If you can forgive the unforgivable you are stronger than you think!

If you can give and share when you yourself have not been on the receiving end of someone’s else generosity … you are stronger than you think!

If you can love another … when you have not been taught how to love … you are stronger than you think you are!

This is how you honor where you are … by honoring where you have been … seeing all the connections that brought you to this very place you now stand!

When you start looking through the eyes of the soul… you begin to see the lessons you have come here to learn. The eyes of the ego are blinded by light when you starting seeing the world trough the eyes of your soul.

HONOUR WHERE YOU ARE … And all that brought you here.

What have your most painful experiences taught you?

What have your shortcomings taught you?

What good eventually came from that thing that happened you?

What changes did you make after those terrible things that happened?

This is where you will find your lessons … this is where you will find the light within the darkness … and when you can see the light … all of the past experiences you are clinging onto so tightly will fall away … and a new vision will come through … a vision that will take you where you most want to be.

I see & honor the light in you brothers and sisters

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