My herbalist journey has led me down ‘The Poison Path’ … to meet the dark allies of the Plant World.


These plants have been censured and kept far from public knowledge, their names only appearing in fantasy films on our TV screens! This mass conditioning found embedded deep within Hollywood, plays a huge role in our Dis-Belief that Plants hold any real powers. We associate them to Films and the ‘unrealistic’ magical qualities of that film. ….


I’ve been amazed to discover such plants on my journey back into Nature – I found myself saying “I’ve heard that plant name somewhere before” go and do my research and “aha Harry potter” – I love how much truth is hidden right in front of faces ….. The Awakening is US willing to step through what we think know to be true … into another reality where other truths are held. Awakening is US awakening to Truths hidden in plain sight!


The Poison Path excites … yes these Plants are deadly if used improperly … and it’s just like us Humans to abuse that which Mother Nature gives so freely. When respected and understood the powerfully potent properties found in Plants can aid in the repairing bone damage, heal the Nervous system, clear Lymph nodes, treat wounds and infections, stimulate cell growth, repair DNA, heighten our senses, help us sleep, help us relax and experience different levels of Consciousness…. Any ailment we have Mother Nature holds the Medicines us to help us!


Notice I said Help!! The Plants will not do the work for us … they will us assist us in doing the work to heal ourselves.


My new plant allies are Datura, Henbane, Belladonna & Mandrake and a hell of a Flying Ointment will be created.


Datura seeds are in the shape of Heart … to show that both poison and medicine exists in the same place … the Intent in which we use her heart shape seed will determine what experience from her essence.


A common Human trait is to Fear that we which we Do Not Know …. We choose to remain Ignorant rather seek out the knowledge to help us understand, drop our fear and experience a new way of Being, Having & Doing! All the knowledge you could ever want is available at your fingertips … the only thing it requires is for you to step through old fears and beliefs and open your mind to the possibility of a very different World being available to you.


Herbalism is that new world for me … I’ve not taken any painkillers in 10  days … None! And the Elixirs and oils are assisting me to heal rather than mask!

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