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Creative Flow templates

Creative Flow is a powerful practice for spiritual development. When we step into Creative Flow we disconnect from the mind, body and time, it is a period of Divine connection and communion.

I know some can find it challenging to step into the flow of Creative expression so I created this Creative Flow workbook for you to print out and start adding colour to the designs I have created for you. Creating with Scared Geometry is a powerful practice and I always bring in sacred geometry and colour frequencies to all my creations.

Step out of time and space and into the Void with this FREE Creative Flow workbook.

enjoy Star Beings.

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Smoke Cleanse Ritual 

Purifying ritual to clear, cleanse, Tune-In and focus Powerful intentions.

A guide to Clearing and cleansing your BEing & your home.

Our homes are part of our energy system … there is a constant exchange of energy going between you, your home and the items in your home. they hold energy just like we do and stagnant energy is energy that can cause unnecessary disturbances in our field. 

creating a ritual to clear your home of stagnant energies holds many benefits and it creates a loving connection to the Earth … yet so many struggle to know what to do … so I created this Ritual template for you to use. I hope it inspires you to create your own sacred practices.

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Shadow Soul Integration

Shadow soul integration is an ascension tool to assist you in walking the Shadow lands of your Being.

This Integration tool has been created using NLP techniques – NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic programming – using language (linguistics) to communicate with our unconscious mind. With direct language that gets to the root of the problem we can work at the level of the unconscious where all learning, change and behaviour is held.

This Ascension tool is all about understanding the benefits you are getting from your problem. We must accept that we will be benefiting on some level from our problems … often this benefit or gain is hidden under our unconscious awareness …. Meaning we are not aware of the benefits we are getting as we are focused solely on the problem.

This Ascension Tool is designed to guide you exactly where you need to be.

Shadow Soul guided meditation

by Master Hypnotherapist Kaylea

Shadow Soul guided meditation to be used with the shadow Soul PDF next to this….for some reason I can’t link it with the download, so I’m making the best of it as I can until I have this figured out. once you’ve downloaded your PDF & moved through the process come back and listen to this audio to help with integrating your shadow aspects ready to merge with your BEingness.

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