Forgiveness is the key …

You are not diminished by forgiveness … despite what you have been taught to believe … you are in fact EMPOWERED by it.

You believe that forgiveness means that the other person is absolved of what they have done.

The One who is forgiven is NOT released from accountability of his or her behavior & actions … they will be accountable to them no matter what you do … the law of cause & effect deems this so.

Who you are unforgiving of is who and what you fear … and the fear you hold around this person is what tethers you to them … through energetic agreement … through vibrational accord!

What you do through the act of forgiveness is release yourself from the contract you have with the person … the contract is what claims you in agreement with fear.

Once the contract has been dissolved … your energetic agreement with them is complete … and they will go about their lives still being accountable for their actions & behaviors … just as you will go on with yours being accountable to and for your own actions & behaviors.

The problem is that most of you think you know how that person should be punished with … in accordance with your own desire for justice.

Soul contracts are a complex subject and one that cannot be pulled apart by the small self … who will seek to know everything … and all that will be found is further reason to be unforgiving … you stack up your reasons for why you hate that person … or wish them harm … And in doing so … you lower your own vibration to meet them where they and the experience stands.

The true self … the divine self knows the laws of the universe and does not seek to know the finer details as she sees ALL … he see ALL … from the perspective of Higher consciousness … because the true self is not predicated in history and understands that all are of One Source … and ALL are here on their own journey of soul evolution … she/he loves them regardless of their history or what others tell her/him they should be.

The easiest way to forgive … is to forgive everything … to not pick and choose what you feel should and shouldn’t be forgiven.

When you try to pick what deserves your forgiveness and what does not you are missing the whole point … the forgiveness of everything is required if you truly want to rise beyond where you currently stand … which can only be cloaked in darkness when there is unforgiveness being held.

I worked hard to forgive my history … my focus was always on the other … and what they got out of my unforgiveness when I was still left ‘scarred and damaged’ … I started small and could never bring myself to go big … it was draining to work so hard to forgive the small stuff … how the fuck could I forgive the big stuff if I struggled with the small!!

Once I understood … both intellectually and experientially what forgiveness was truly about … it was like a switch flipped within me and all of it was forgiven … I felt the release of the chains in the moment I choose to love myself and my brethren in spite of our history.

I wish there was a direct instruction manual I could give you … as I know so many of you work hard at this subject yet there’s something holding you back from stepping across that threshold.

And the truth is … there will never be an instruction manual because where would the learning be if you were told how to do it

… concepts are shared in spiritual teachings as these allow your unconscious mind to come to its own understanding of what you need to know to let go of the unforgiveness you hold … it is an experience … intellectual information can only take you so far … you must want to forgive your history and not for anyone else but yourself … and in doing so … you give permission for all others to choose to do the same.

The only one you continue to hurt through your unforgiveness is yourself … and self-love starts with the forgiveness from yourself to yourself for not knowing then what you know now … forgive yourself and then forgiving others can come as easy as breathing.

Forgiveness is the key … it is the key to releasing all that chains you to your past …

you will remain in your past while you are are unforgiving of your past … and through this act you will continue to recreate those experiences.

When you step across the threshold and into forgiveness … the lessons that you were being taught through those experiences will make themselves known to you … and a simple yet profound ‘aha’ moment will be experienced and with it knowing and wisdom and a lifting from the Old into the New

In love & Light Star BEings

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