It’s been a while since I’ve written an essay for you to read … or scroll on by …
Life has been anything but normal these past few years … and when we open up spiritually and begin actively working to heal our wounds and connect more with the light … some strange stuff can begin to happen … Which can be terrifying & wonderful …
We can also feel like we’re always just a few words away from being institutionalized for being Cray Cray 😵‍💫
… the purpose of this post is share some of my own experiences of the cray cray shit that began happening very rapidly in my life as I awakened more fully
When humans don’t understand something, no matter what that thing is, fear sets in – this is a ‘mechanical’ part of the vessel – a natural process that occurs. Fear is transcended when understanding is gained.
With this In mind I’d like Share things about the ascension pathway that are good to know but that you may not know …
If you are awake, aware & aligning you are an Ascending Consciousness – meaning you are actively working towards expanding your consciousness beyond what it currently is. With this expansion of consciousness comes some weird stuff that will begin to happen.
-You will experience ascension symptoms in varying degrees of intensity – cold/flu like aches & pains – upset stomach – period pains will intensify – headaches-eye pains – ringing in ears will intensify – ascension symptoms affect the physical vessel, DNA upgrades occur which loosen the tight coiled helix and allow the cells to begin to activate and regenerate.
The body is your vehicle or vessel for this incarnation, and we are here to change the structure of the vessel so it can live in a higher frequency world. Ascension symptoms are the result of this change to the vessel.
-your vision will begin to change, things will become brighter, sharper, you will see more, the space between the physical becomes visible – wavy lines and shimmers, colors and energies moving around freely can be seen engaging with the physical world – this becomes a normal part of your vision (the strangeness of seeing the invisible world lessens over time)
-you will continuously have to ‘get to know yourself’ again and again – we don’t just change once, we continuously change as we engage more and more of our higher mind and consciousness. This requires alone time. This requires Trust and faith in that which is occurring for you is for the highest purpose, even when you can’t see beyond what is happening, maintain the faith.
-Your tastes will change – you will begin to go off foods you once loved, as your vessel changes it will require foods of a higher vibratory rate, more organic & less manufactured.
Your tastes in style will also shift as higher parts of you begin to alter your perceptions … you will naturally want to reflect this outwardly. Go with the flow and experiment, as this helps to anchor the changes into the physical world.
Even your taste in music can shift – I currently listen to classical music most days -wtf was my first thought but now it soothes parts of me that go beyond this physical realm.
-You will/can experience ‘recalls’ of a life that is not this one but it is you. They will appear in your mind’s eye, like a memory, a wave of emotion can flood over you as you recall the moment you know you have experienced, yet it is outside of this current human experience. This can be overwhelming at first as you sift through the multiple scenes playing out in your mind.
This ‘recall’ is a sign that you have breached the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ barrier and are now connecting too and interacting with other parts of your soul, who /which are currently experiencing their own timelines in their own realities in their own incarnations.
You are you, but you are also them – this is called bi-location – your consciousness is now expanded into multiple timelines and you have access to the knowledge obtained by that version of you.
This process cannot be forced, it will happen in its own time – however there are things you can do to help breach the veil of forgetfulness like past life regression & quantum hypnosis.
-Physic gifts will activate – Foresight becomes more prominent – you will see, know & sense things before they happen, this can sometimes be hours, days or weeks. Again, these appear like a memory or movie playing out in your awareness.
Telepathic senses begin operating – you can hear others thoughts, their energies will communicate with you in ways you don’t understand, yet you will understand the information coming in.
Your auditory senses heighten and may experience conversations going in your head and the You here in the physical is like an observer of these dialogs – learning to differentiate between the dialogs helps you control the feeling of crazy that can seep in from time to time 😬
These dialogs are your higher selves, guides and spiritual family assisting you and guiding you, they have always been there, you’ve just not tuned into their ‘station’ before.
-Physical gifts will activate – your body is a ‘tuning fork’, an ‘antenna’ for energies to channel through you. The more actively engaged you are in your ascension journey the more your physical vessel will alter and you will experience new physical sensations, or at least understand sensations you’ve never been able to explain before –
your hands can begin to pulsate quite intensely, as if they were collecting heat and swelling, they can go numb, restless, pins & needs, or just plain dead at random times.
Your hands are extension of your heart chakra, there are chakras in the palms of your hand and when you activate the heart and open the bridge to the other worlds, energy begins to move through you like an electrical wire bringing power into your homes.
Self-massage is an excellent way to soothe these symptoms. Once the heart and mind are aligned, you can be shown where to direct the energies moving through you for healing and raising the consciousness of the collective.
-A new direction in life will start calling to you – we are here to share that which we receive, the way in which we share is unique and varied, not all will want to stand out in the front and not all will want to stay to the side lines. We each are a part of the whole, meaning that we are each required for the whole to be recognized.
This is a collective ascension, those of you that are awakening and aligning are here with a bigger purpose, to unite a collective in a new way of being, doing & having.
There will be a deep knowing (one that you will be likely resisting) within you that you’re here for something bigger than yourself. The more you share, in your own unique way, more of your light will be revealed to you.
Your goals will shift, you start with doing one thing, which will morph into something else and then something. Be aware of where you are being called, it will lead you onto the next part of your path.
-Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming – as you begin to connect with more aspects of yourself, you become more aware that you are not this physical body but rather you are a host in the physical body. You can leave, and you do leave regularly.
Becoming aware of this can be frightening at first ( or at least it was for me) your whole body vibrates – its good to note that your whole body does indeed vibrate continuously at the quantum level, you just aren’t usually consciously aware of this vibration and with an out of body experience you are consciously aware of this happening – you feel like you are shaking uncontrollably, you will experience a high pitched ringing through your mind that will physically hurt your ears…you will feel like you are being pulled up out of your body, yet your body feels so heavy and it is paralyzed, you cannot move. Your consciousness splits into two, you are aware of your heavy body and yet you are aware of being pulled up out of your body –
becoming aware of the quantum mechanics occurring in the universe and thus, understand how astral projection works allows your fear to subside as you ‘get’ what is happening. Astral projection is an art that needs to be cultivated to ensure safe travels.
-Lucid dreaming occurs more regularly, or the waking up in the middle of a dream and knowing you were doing something important and the memory fades within moments (I keep waking up in the middle of meetings with star beings, I’m pretty sure I’m not meant to be tapping into that stuff yet!) …all of this is a sign you are expanding your consciousness beyond the limits of the physical world.
These are just some of the things that began happening to me quite rapidly and there is very little information out there to explain this seemingly unnatural, but indeed very natural occurrences.
The human part of us – the physical vessel and the ego programming need time to assimilate to the realities beyond this construct. The worlds beyond the veil do not operate under the same rules within this construct. We are here to change the change the rules, so we can create a new construct. That requires a new way of living.
All is divinely orchestrated and we are given only that which we can handle. Our most important mission to work on ourselves in this lifetime. All else will fall in line behind the you that you are continuously creating.
When we work on The Self, we don’t have time to play out the conditioned programming that keeps the 3d construct in place.
I hope this helps You find some sanity amongst the crazy … it’s comforting (for me at least) to know others experience similar to what I have experienced … and that I continue to experience on a daily basis.
In love & Light 👽

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