‘Awaken your Spiritual Senses’ is not just a book about spirituality and the gifts that are birthed through your awakening … this is a User Manual that you can use and follow to help you stabilise the energies you are invoking as you consciously ascend into higher consciousness.

A spiritual awakening can be a challenging time for each of us … mainly because we do not understand what is truly happening to Us and the World around us. What we do not understand, We Fear – this is not personal but rather biological.

The intention of this e-book is to provide you with knowledge, techniques I have learnt and incorporated into my own spiritual practices and through my experiences I began operating from higher planes of consciousness. this body of work will allow your Mind Body Spirit complex to come into alignment with the higher truth of what you are, so you may experience a life beyond what has previously confined you.

I have walked this very path, many times … learnt these teachings through various modalities, over many many years and I share with you from my own truths, perspectives and experiences, all that has lifted me out of the darkness and more fully into the light. The fear I once held has long gone … now all I see is through the eyes of the Divine. I wish the same for you!

Awaken your Spiritual senses is a like a personal spiritual development course … I bring to the table my expertise in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mystery school teachings and much more. I will be guiding you through a series of understanding, questioning and practices that will expand your current 5 senses and activate your spiritual senses, which reside at the edges of your known sensory system.

When we awaken our senses in a systematic order … we gain understanding and control over The self … and from there on out … the external reality around us.

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