I’ve been super quiet this week … a house with On/Off power pushed me away from the computer and into creative flow
I’ve been working on bringing my own concepts into being with art … I’m great at copying pictures so I’ve always shy’d away (through fear of not being good enough ) from developing my own creative paintings
The process of creating is much like the process of transformation … it’s messy … there are parts that don’t look good as you move through the project … it takes time to build the detail that creates the bigger picture … and it isn’t until you finish that you see the results of your efforts.
The outcome is less important than the journey you took to get there … the journey is where the learnings happens … the outcome is just the results of your new learnings being made manifest ….
The outcome may not be what you want at first …. But each time you choose to re-journey and harness and hone your skills the outcome alters every time … until you master that skill / technique / way of BEing
… when you achieve the outcome that is desired … another new ‘project’ will present itself to you… for you to take another journey … down another path … that will also teach you something new to master.
I’m sharing my newest project with you to show you the journey as it unfolds … this piece is not one of my favs … in fact in a little ‘meh’ about it … yet it is in alignment with this message of what transformation can look like … and the end result won’t always comes out as we want it first time or at all.
The purpose & power behind this piece is to start bringing my own imagery out of my mind without an external reference influencing me … which has been achieved
… now I can see the piece in physical form I can begin again working from this as my reference Point and making tweaks for the next time I re-create this piece. I’m happy with the Galaxy … it’s the window scene that feels off … it needs to be brighter and whiter … more contrast with light and dark …
You see this outcome … although not currently how I want it to be … has highlighted the areas that require my attention and practice … so it is not a waste of time … or a wasted pointless effort … it will assist me in improving my skills … our downfalls in life are similar … each time we fall down the lesson is the get back up … and each time you get back up … the getting back up becomes easier and easier … until it no longer bothers you at all … not that it won’t happen again … BUT that it no longer bothers you
The picture is called ‘Soul Sight’ –

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