Conscious parenting is the new buzz word being thrown about … and what a powerful Buzz it is! We all ‘come at’ things from our own view of the world (the values & beliefs we hold about what the world is like to us) – we then engage in the Conditioning process – which we can never get away from, it is how our vessels are built and the cellular level … we are encoded to be programmed as this is how the interface of our BEing operates! – However … what that programming is, is entirely up to us! YUP! We are not responsible for our conditioning as a child … WE ARE however for the conditioning we pass on to our Kin!


Spirituality is not about running away from something … in fact it’s the opposite! We run into the darkness to switch on the light, so we may see more than we saw before!


The more aware we become of our own programming … without judgement or blame, just from a place of Curiosity and understanding, we release the tethers to old programs because that which was previously unconscious is NOW conscious and we have more choices available to us!


We cannot pass on that which we do not know! My Kin … my star children chose me as their Mother … as their portal into the physical because they knew I would break the chains of the unconscious programming within me … and create a new way where myself and them would have the Freedom to Choose from a much earlier age …. It is my hope that my children are decades ahead of myself in Self-Awareness, Strength, resilience, tenacity, courage and heart filled with Love for the peoples of this planet. There spirits are strong and resided in the Angelic realms with my eons ago … We kin of the Stars and now we are Kin in the Physical!


In order for them to be ready to assist in creating the New Earth … I must allow them to walk their own paths from as earliest as possible! They are not mine to Protect … they are mine to prepare and release …. So they may experience all that they have chosen to without resistance from me. I Give them support and encouragement and tell them what awaits them once they move the challenges life brings them!


This is Conscious parenting … handing over the reins and trusting that the preparations you, as a parent / care giver has taken has been ample for them grow their own way!


My 16-year-old son decided he no longer wanted to be at home … we have been in a battle of the mind & heart for 6 years … his spirit was desperate to start walking his chosen path … and my resistance to holding him in a place he doesn’t want to be was destruction all round … No One was happy! … so I helped him leave in the safest way possible. He’s finding it more challenging that he first thought … but he knows what’s on the other side of challenge because that is his conditioning, that I have passed on. It may take him some time to choose to walk the path of his soul, we all need to get stuck in pain and challenge for a while, that is where we learn the most. … and that is his choice to make whether he walks it or not and how long it takes him. I will be here cheering him on in any way I can … without picking him up every time he stumbles!


My daughter is a fiery independent spirit … and a bit of a worrier though! Covid has it’s grips on her and I reassure her in the kindest way and remind her how powerful her mind is … I share my beliefs but don’t impose them on her, she is free to choose whatever she wants. She is not ‘Jabbed’ and we spoke about whether she wants to be or not. I’ve no problem supporting her in a choice I myself will not make at this time. She is a free spirit, with her own mind and her own body. I hope to pass on the conditioning that the body is a temple … when we treat it as such. This was a lesson that took me 32 years to learn … if she can learn that within her adolescence, her adult years could be very different. It is her choice. I honor her free will as much as I honor mine.


Conscious parenting also means be aware enough of your children’s capacity for understanding the consequences (good & bad) of the choice, you wouldn’t give a 4-year-old and 14 year old the same choices … but recognising that giving your children choices from as earlier as possible allows them to build self-confidence and Will. Allowing your children to fall and feel the pain of that fall allows them to build resilience and determination. All of these things empower and prevent fear programming to take hold of their delicate minds.


The beginning years of our lives when we are most unconscious hold the most potency for the values and beliefs we create. We can change generational conditioning in two generations if the whole World began to drop their fears instead of passing them on.


I am part of that wave of change … my children, your children are the next wave to make an impact on the World and bring about the changes we all so desperately want and need.


Be the Medicine. Be The Changes

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