Root chakra is your tribal chakra – it represents the truth that all is one!


The questions to ask are the “where Am I” – “where am I splintered on the Earth?” “where are my pieces?” … “where am I other than here?”


We focus primarily in the physical world


Look at your History / I’m not happy with where I am / look at where you are most of the time Past/Present/Future


Where are you with regards to the Spiritual truth that we are all of one!


Sacral chakra – The creation and Relation chakra


Ask questions regarding communion with union – union with self, with others & with the World


This chakra is about understanding that every single person in your life as a messenger – as someone who contributes to your union in life!


Questions to ask yourself – With whom do I have an intense relationship with? Who do I have harmonized relationships with? Who do I feel envious / jealous of? Who do I go to for support and assistance? What relationships nurture you? What relationships deplete you? How do these relationships feed you? How do they deplete you?


Solar plexus chakra – the center for integrity and honor –


Examine in yourself your own honor code or lack of an honor code – this is the center of deep inner work. Where the ego is often at the helm!


At this center you want to create an honor code that is in alignment with where you are / want to be!


Questions to ask yourself? – Do I keep my word? Do I keep the promises I make? To others & to myself.


This center is about your relationship to your own level of respect, Self-love & self-esteem


If we lack a clear sense of honor, we will negotiate our integrity in order to have another person’s approval. We will sell ourselves out – we will have no boundaries! Self-esteem & honor are intimately connected


Heart chakra – this is where we pursue matters of the heart –


Questions to ask yourself – What are the conditions under which I will love someone and forgive someone? What do I need to learn about love? What do I need to unlearn about love? What are my lessons with regards to the matters of the heart?


What makes me a generous & loving person? When are you NOT a generous & loving person … and why?


We need to know both sides so we can examine the matters of our heart in its entirety.


Throat chakra – the center of choice and the reasons why we make the choices we do.


Questions to ask yourself – Why do I make the choices that I do? Why do I avoid making some choices and not others? How do the choices I make affect myself, others and my reality?


We want to continuously examine these choices … as we evolve so do our choices and the reasons behind each choice that we make.


Third eye – our center of truth, insight & intuition! Where we hold on to grudges and want to get even!


Questions to ask yourself – What do I know to be true for me? What do I know to be untrue for me? What truths do I want to live by? We have to know our truths before we start living by them!


Crown Chakra – the center of our Spiritual connection.


Bringing all of your discoveries from the lower chakras and seeing them from the higher perspective. This is the center where we embody spirit into physical matter.


Questions to ask yourself – Where is spirit most prevalent in my life? Where is spirit lacking in my life? How can I bring more spirit in?


What mantra’s / affirmations embody all that you have discovered? Write these down and repeat daily to permeate more of your spirit in your everyday life!


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