The construct that each of us resides in … Earth, is shifting & changing … We, as her peoples are changing with her … everything on the Planet is changing, because we are made of the same stuff.
The Awakening occurs differently for each of us … some are subtle and smooth sailing … others experience an accelerated ascension… where the remembrance of who and what we are happens in the blink of an eye.
As we become aware of the shifts happening around us … realizing the false truths for what they are and accepting a different way of experiencing ourselves and the world around us …
we naturally begin attuning to higher frequencies and energies … which allow us to lift ourselves up out of the darkness and into the Light …
we then turn back around to support our brothers and sisters who are following behind us.
Whilst all of this going on our physical bodies & and the neurological networks that connect the mind to the body begin exhibiting some strange new senses and abilities …
This can be scary … it scared the shit out of me when I started seeing energy Beings and started having involuntary out of body experiences … the fear was purely at lack of knowledge to what was going on …
As soon as I gained the knowledge I needed to allow my fears to fall away … I started controlling the new senses that were awakening within me … I found various teachings & modalities and I trained myself to become a channel for the Light
My efforts – the turning back around and helping my brothers and sisters that are following in tow – is the sharing of these teachings in easy to grasp and understand ways …
Your understanding on some level is required to allow your mind, body, spirit complex to come fully online … and we do this activation trough our Spiritual Senses…. Which reside at the edges of your current known 5 senses.
‘Awaken your Spiritual Senses’ is not just a book that speaks about spirituality and ascension … ‘Awaken your Spiritual Senses’ is a User Manual that will guide you through the process of expanding your current sensory system -the 5 senses- so you can activate your spiritual senses
This user manual is like a personal spiritual development course … that not only shows you how to activate your senses … but provides you with the knowledge to support the shift in your current belief systems that are preventing full activation of your God Spark….
As well as, questions to move through that work directly with your Unconscious Mind – the source of Learning, Change and Behavior – so you can begin to shed the layers of outdated versions and embrace the true you … the Divine you … that resides within.
I know not all can afford private coaching … or want private coaching … so this book is my way of ensuring knowledge that was once kept from the masses … can now be available to those who desire to know it … without the worry of finances preventing them from becoming all they can become.
There must be an energy exchange … the energy exchange is what allows you to be attuned to the higher frequency that this book resides in. Higher Consciousness will be achieved through the knowledge and experience that is held within these pages.
I wish you awareness … and expansion Star Beings may we all Rise in Consciousness together
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