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What you will get from this Astrogolgy Master Class…

by the end of this Masterclass you will gain A deeper understanding of your astrological birth chart including –

  • Your Sun, Moon & Rising signs and how they impact & influence your life
  • Your South & North Nodes – what they mean for you (past life / present life)
  • The Planets – how they influence our chart and our lives
  • The Houses – each area of your life is goverened by a sign, what sign yuou have in each house will tell you how you approach that life area
  • How to communicate more effectively with your loved one and the people in your life
  • Your emotional triggers and how to overcome them
  • The family of signs and their internal energies – (Aries is a fire sign with an internal water sign)
  • The driving force of each sign – the force that is motivating your entire life
  • The best career choices for you
  • Compatatibility with others signs


My intention for this Master Class is to provide you with enough knowledge of the astrology, so you can unlock the secrets held in your own birth chart.

I personally found Astrology to be a profound healing experience for me, once I gained understanding of my own birth chart and how it has played out in my life, I felt a huge weight shift from within me. I was able to use the things I once found displeasing about myself to my advantage, I understood I only found them displeasing because I did not understand them.

Humans have a habit of fear that which they do not know, and many of us do not know ourselves as deeply as we could, so we naturally begin to fear those parts of us that we do not understand.

This information I will be sharing with you in this course will eleviatemuch of the pressure that has been building inside from the not knowing certain stuff about yourself, the not knowing is the worse part for me personally!

I do not claim to be a professional astrologer, I have been studying this subject deeply for over a year for personal growth, I have integrated enough of my studies and teachings into my being to be able to bring through this course through.

The purpose is know yourself at soul level – for this reason we will be covering Planets, Houses and Sign only. I believe this is all you need to know to begin with, if astrology piques your interest I encourage you to run with it and continue your journey into the stars in more depth.


How astorlogy helped me integrate my Higher self

My Higher Path & Purpose is to be a Source of Light and activate StarSeeds as they awaken to thier Spiritual Essence. . I have been walking this path with unseen Will & Relentlessness since I was 18 years. Not that I was always Conscious of my Spiritual Calling, but i knew i was here for something important. Something Bigger than myself. I walked this path with my Unconscious Mind working with Source Intelligence to navagate me where I needed to be to expereince, learn, forgive, strenghten & to Love despite all that had transpired in my short years on Earth. Every successful initation woke me up a little bit more!

I have studied deep into The Mind – of the individual, groups, structures & society, i study Ancient teachings & Practices, Astrology and energy sytems, Multidimensionality, Astral Projection, Sacred Symbols and Myths (to name a few) with an obessive curiosity … the newest venture is Akashic Soul Realignement & 7th Dimension Transference Healing.

The Need to Know More of who I am and why I am here, how the world works & why it is the way it is has been a driving force since I turned 18. 17 years of dedictaed exploration of Why the fuck are we Here!!

I have a honours degree in Community Development, Sociology & Psychology. I am a Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist & Meditation Practioner with ABNLP. I am a Reiki Master, Energy Worker & Healer. Activator for Devine Energies & Frequencies, seeker of lost Knowledge & Truth & Mystery School Initiate The shortned version is – I am a Ascension Coach, here to guid my star brothers & sisters towards the Light.

I have died and rebirth more times than I  can count in this lifetime. And I thrive within this space transformation.  I am now stepping forward to show others, just like you, how’s it done with ease, enjoyment & most importantly Love. So your Ascension into the Higher Realms of  Consciousness is aligned to your souls Blueprint & You can Leave the trappings of the Physcial world behind and learn to play with the infinite intelligence and Manifest your souls desires 

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A beautiful blend of Science, Spirit & Soul to fully understand & embody Yourself, Your reality and The Universe

Knowledge sharing is a kep aspect of my Coaching & Healing Journey. Knowledge is Light … New Knowledge activates dormant memories, healing, talents & gifts.

When we connect & come together we amplify the Energy & the Light … plus the more of us there are, the less crazy we feel! (well …. that would be down to your perception of crazy … I personal love to embrace my wild & crazy)


See you in there Beautiful BEing.


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