I always believed I was just my star sign …. Sagittarius. I always knew about my cusp …. Scorpio. and that was it. That was what I knew about astrology, and that’s all I believed there was to know.

How fucking wrong I was.
I resonate with many of my sun sign characteristics – the desire to expand and grow from as young as I can remember (Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion), luck has always seemed to be on my side, I land on my feet no matter where I am dropped or thrown. The uncontrollable urge to seek out knowledge and truth and share what I find …. All common traits of my fellow Sagittarians out there.
But what about that side of me that I never let anyone see. There was and is within me an attraction to the dark parts of life, the desire and thrill of talking all things taboo, the fascination with sex and the chemistry that goes on within us when we engage in sexual activity of any kind. My ears would pick up things that most would ignore … that I heard but chose to ignore. This was a part I rejected most of my life because it didn’t fit in the box of my Sagittarius sun sign. I hid it because I didn’t resonate with it, because I didn’t understand it and I didn’t know then what I know now.
The cusp of Scorpio which I didn’t understand is the most important part of my chart … whatever sits in your first house is the most important and public part of your chart! Understanding this part of your chart and what it represents for you is the gamechanger, because you can begin to work with those energies rather than against them.
The universe will always work to show us what we ourselves are failing to see … my first marriage was to a Scorpio and I disliked many of his traits …. Because I disliked those traits within myself…. because they were my Scorpio traits which I didn’t understand and therefore feared.
I always believed we were just one thing … one star sign and that we can’t go beyond the limits of that ‘box’ we have been placed within.
We are not at the mercy of the energies when we know what the energies are.
The truth is … we are all the star signs, we are not just one or maybe two … we are all 12 signs of the zodiac … and where each sign plays out in our charts is where our potential is held … understanding how you approach your love life, work life, home life, financial life … is Game Changing information. Game Changing.
Learning about astrology unleashes potential because it allows you to step into the flow of Creation and use the mechanisms already in place to propel you into your destiny.
Is destiny calling you? Do you feel a pull toward the stars and the soul? Are you ready to truly understand the secrets your soul wants to tell you?
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