As you progress and begin integrating all the aspects of yourself … the egoic structures that make you You will be the aspect of the self that pushes back the most.
Remember your ego is your personality structure … your small self … the self that operates in the Physical world. It is not something to attempt to avoid, deny or bury … it is the part of you that has been conditioned through and by external sources … and your journey of awakening begins by connecting too and teaching this part of yourself a new of Doing, Having & BEing.
This is a relationship that takes time to nurture … as you are battling not only your own preconceived ideas about the World … but also the collective preconceived ideas about what Ego is and is not.
I hope my previous post shed some new light of this very clouded subject.
Once you align to a new way of working with your small self and harnessing a new relationship with this part of self … through love and kindness always … what you will find will begin to happen is that the small self … no longer feared but accepted and welcomed into the process of ascension … will gradually become aware of its relationship with its other portions or aspects of the self.
You must remember that the small self (ego) is extremely specialized and proficient at its task of dealing with the physical world … it is why it was created by the inner self in the first place. So that you may operate in a physical body in a physically perceived world.
So, as far as the small self is concerned it has always been a solo traveler … that is separate from everything and everyone else … it is unaware of an inner reality or any other aspects of the self that reside within the inner realms of reality.
As your new relationship deepens with your small self it becomes more willing to step aside momentarily so that the focus of awareness can be turned to other areas of reality in which it not well equipped to function in effectively.
Most attempts to turn inward and away from the external world results in the small self (ego) throwing a paddy … as it’s whole existence is focused outward and your attempts to draw your awareness inwards send this part of the self into flight or fight … so these moments of inner retreat often turn into an onslaught of self-talk, often negative at first, just to keep your attention focused on it and its outward reality … it believes it will be annihilated if the focus is taken from the external to the internal … and can you blame it after the way is has been treated by its creators as a scapegoat for eons of time.
You cultivate a relationship with this part of the self so it may be re-educated in higher ways of being and begin to assist you on your journey of awakening.
You cannot make this journey without your small self … and any and all attempts to cut this part of yourself off only results in you cutting yourself off from your Source.
I befriended my ego many years and from my own experiences I can tell you that it the best friend you will ever have in this World where spirit meets matter.
It is a friend that will teach you the most powerful lessons in the most unexpected ways … it is a friend that will stand firm in your values and beliefs (once cleaned up and aligned to higher truths) when you feel like sliding back to old ways … it is a friend that has your growth and development at the center of its being … it is a friend that becomes your biggest advocate in the physical world and there is no aspect of the self more suited to the role … its domain is the external world remember.
This is what your Ego has to offer you when you accept it as part of the whole … to be welcomed and engaged in your journey of awakening … when you starting loving your Ego …it will love you right back … after some resistance and playing hard to get.
In Love & Light Star BEings.

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