are these thoughts & feelings causing you unhappiness in some or all areas of your life?



does it feel like the same day, the same people, the same problems, the same thoughts & feelings! Do these thoughts and feelings of yours feel like they are switched to ‘Slow-Mo’ … seeming to go on and on becoming heavier and heavier?



No solution to your problems, just more people telling you why you have your problems – the bad childhood, messy relationships, trauma you’ve experienced etc.?


The way out isn’t what you think it is! I was looking for that conventional way out, just like the rest of the world to no LASTING avail!! But what I have discovered on my 16-year journey of personal development and self-discovery is a ‘scientifically proven’ method that does in fact create lasting change and I’ve been using this method for years to maintain to high-vibe lifestyle I have crafted!

As with any craft is has to be Learned, Understood & Experienced repeatedly so we can become adepts at it! Only then can it be successfully passed on to others. This is what I have been doing for the past 5 years … cultivating my craft so I can share with you all that got me from where you are to where I currently am … genuinely Happy! Happy with who I am, where I am and excited about where I am going!


It was only when I began learning the Science behind the human mind & body that I realized everything we had been taught about Happiness was an illusion. An illusion that has been passed down for so long from one generation to the next, that we forget it was an illusion and thought it was real!

We’ve been told to look in all the wrong places for Happiness … when there is in fact a scientific method & structure to follow … a blueprint so to speak … that will lead us directly to the source of Authentic Happiness.

Utilizing my knowledge, skills & experiences as an NLP Master Coach & Master Hypnotherapist, I bring to you the Blueprint to unlearn all that you thought to be true, so you can recreate yourself and your reality in a new way, in a new light, from a new place!

You’re going to unlearn being You, So you can learn to Be a New You!



A proven method that creates lasting change

The Knowledge, tools and techniques shared in this Course provide a catalyst for transformation, in an enhanced way compared to other programs and courses out there!


In-Depth Knowledge of the Universe and your Place in it

By embarking on this journey to happiness you will need a new mind to think with. You will gain a deeper understanding of how the Universe works and how you work within Our Universe.


Knowledge, tools and techniques that will allow you to make the changes you want to make!

With New knowledge we can create a chain-reaction within our Minds and Bodies that allow us ride the waves of change instead of drown in them.


Over 20 hours of recorded content

The art of transformation cannot be passed on in a few hours, there is not enough substance within a small-time frame to create lasting change!  So I’ve created 20+ Hours of recorded content along with study books & coaching material that will guide through each and every part of this Journey.



Bespoke Hypnosis & Meditation tracks

Hypnosis & Meditation are powerful tools for Transformation, as they work with your Conscious & Unconscious Mind. When there is synergy between these parts of you, Transformation can be achieved with ease and way more Grace! You will get access to a Hypnosis audio & Guided meditation written and recorded specifically for this program & the changes it will provoke within You – to further support you in making those changes you want to make.


A Free Gift

A Free gift – something that changed my life for the better many years ago, which I would like to share with each and every one of you. Remember Knowledge is Power – Power over the Self is the Power we will create together!


The Science to Being Happy is a 4-week course. The first Module will be available after you purchase, from there the next Module will open 7 days later, then so and so on! In order for the changes, you desire to make to become imbedded into your Mind & Body you must DO that which you have learnt. When we physically do something different, we rewire the neurological pathways in our Brain that tell us how to be Us. In order to become another version of Us, we must stop being the old version first.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your not only your Mind & Body, also how your Mind & Body connects & communicates with the world around.


In order for the New to take hold we must go through a phase of uncomfortableness …. Many retreat when they experience this uncomfortableness, as it feels so very very ‘wrong’ … that wrong feeling is just you consciously rewiring your Unconscious Mind into new neurological pathways that you have never used before.


A baby does not just decide one day ‘it’s time to walk’ & then immediately stands up and walks! They must learn a process by consciously focusing their attention on the task at hand, and then repeatedly doing that ‘process’ again and again until the ‘I can walk’ program has been Programmed into the Unconscious Minds mainframe. Once the program is in … – I can walk for example … we never have to consciously think of that program again … the power of your Unconscious Mind has been rewired to automatically know how to walk. We do not have to think about walking, we just do it (unless intoxicated, walking can be very hard when intoxicated)!


When you understand the processes of the Unconscious Mind from the Conscious level you bring Personal Power into play … you become aware of much more than think to be true … you begin seeing evidence and connections that correlate to what it is you now know! This process is healing at the deepest parts of us … when we are aware of the Root issues that rewire your attention and not the surface level stuff we have been conditioned to be distracted by, we truly begin to heal ourselves at the core of our Being! We let go of hurt, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, anger … all of those negative emotions that have become stuck within us … we release them more easily because we now know why they linger. Healing cannot occur without Conscious awareness of what we are healing and the deeper meanings to those parts of us … we can never truly heal, there will always be remnants that will remain …. awaiting the time to whisper the truths into our ears once more in hope we hear and see them.


As our collective consciousness raises … as more & more people yearn to Know themselves more fully … we can begin re-educating ourselves away from control & power and back into balance & harmony. The Science to Being Happy is my effort to help with the re-education of the World we live in. This World, the World I now live in is filled with Support, Love, Healing, Hope, Happiness, Acceptance, Authenticity, Excitement and so much more than cannot be justified with words! I Wish for more to experience this New World that is emerging from the depths of our collective pains … when we heal … we help heal others and so on and so on ….


If you felled called … if any of what I have just described to you resonates then the Science to Being Happy is a pathway that could lead you to where you’re wanting to go. This path is not walked by the many … but the few! Meaning it is more challenging than what you are currently used to it … in order to help yourself remain on the path a small investment is required … this is your ‘Golden Ticket’ that will keep you motivated as the blocks within begin to dislodge and you begin seeing things differently… your ticket will motivate you to keep going. NO ONE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT FOR YOU! The Science to Being Happy is the roadmap, to help you navigate this new path … its one I’ve walked many times, so you’re in good company, I know the shortcuts.


The ticket costs ONLY £222 … you can even pay in two payments of £111.

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