Learning to BE

Authentically              Me

I’m a Unique Being, something that I’ve learnt to embrace instead of resisting it. I now celebrate my weirdness instead of hiding it away. The level of weird increases the higher in frequency I go! 

Laughter is the medicine that heals the soul and with laughter comes a lightness to life  … allowing us to Be More Like The Light with more ease and enjoyment.

I’ve been on a journey much like you and many others … the journey to where I am now is not something that I resonate with anymore, i have no need to connect to that part of my life anymore. my pst feels like another lifetime altogther  – if you feel called to find out more about where I have been and how I have come to be in the here and now you will find more of my healing story below.

In truth the Low’s of my life became the catalyst for my transformational journey … without all that transpired i would not be where or who I am today. i see nothing but strenght, courage, resilience, expasion, growth and love when I look back at where I have been.

Part of my own soul Mission here on Planet Earth is to teach the  Ancient teachings of Light & share Spirtual Wisdom – these are the tools for activating the higher mind, connecting with your Higher Self and ascending into the realms of Higher Consciousness whilst in physcial form. my Past Lifes have served the same purpose and I Am here once more to continue this sacred work. 

More of my Soul Healing Journey …

Life wasnt always sunshine & rainbows for me. I grew up in a very disfunctional family (like most of us have) … my home life was fuelled by anger, hate, neglect and the opposite of Love. My childhood was filled with abuse on all fronts, emotinal, mental, finacial, physical and sexual. violence was the go to method for parenting and I existed in a constant state of fear. I was sexually abuse from the age of 5 and was called a liar when i disclosed this information. i was a scared little girl who just wanted to be loved.

School was a place for torment and violence and being bullied was an everyday occurence, which i then went home to recieve the same treatment. It’s safe to say that I hated the world and i hated myself more. I treied to take my own life at 14 but was too scared to carry it out, thank god! I turned to drink, drugs and sex to numb my pain and get some, any affection from anyone that would give it. I became pregnant at 18 and my first thought was ‘finally i’ll have someone to love that will love me back’ and so my life changed.

I went back to college and then university. I absorbed knowledge because i knew it was my way out. I found myself in a abusive relationship where i became prega=nant with my second child, the violence got so bad that when my daughter was 3 days an escape plan was carried out and i found myself in another refuge (i’ve lived in 5 refuges in my life) but i carried on studying and learning. I finally left my home time and all that pain that was associated with it and married a man that offered me more than i could ever of wished for. And then the abuse began once again, although this was not physcially abusive so i kidded myself thinking this was as good as I was ever going to get it. He didnt Hit me after all. my marriage ended traumatically when my husband physically assulted my 10 year old son. We left the martial home and set up once again (i’ve never lasted more than 3 years in any home) two weeks after the move i ended up in hospital paralysed due to prolasped dics and for the next 3 years i underwent 3 spinal surgeries, i had to quit my well paid corprate job due to my health and i found myself applying for bankruptcy.

I still kept moving towards my goal, this unseen force moving pulling me forward. I never gave up on a better life for myself or my children and despoite all that I have expereinced (this is merely the tip of the iceberg) i hold love and light in my heart because i understand Why all this had to happen. Life happened for me, it allowed me to expereince the worst of life so I could teach others how to breakfree from thier pain and integrate thier most valuable lessons and Ascend into the Beautfu Light Beings we all are. I bless every experience and I welcome more shadow in so i may transmute it into the light. this is how the world works and this is what i will be teaching each and everyone of you who join me on this incredible journey that Life.

Love & Light Star BEing

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