Why am I sharing this with you? … it’s not because I think I’m better or more advanced … it’s not because I feel I am superior in anyway. It is because I want you to know that where you are now – learning to tame the egoic conditioned mind so it may become part of the Soul – is not where you will always be.
It is possible to live a life free from the Mind that tell you all the things that are wrong with you … wrong with the World. It is possible to live your life from and through a state of coherence, balance and bliss. And not just for fleeting moments … but for prolonged periods of time, until eventually it becomes a way of life.
I have been fortunate enough to always find myself on the path of personal development, I was 18 when the first sounds of the soul were heard, yet they were not seen or felt as something within me, rather they were experienced are a current pulling me unconsciously through a series of initiations that would ultimately prepare me for where I now stand. My awakening occurred much later in my life … yet, unconsciously I was walking the path towards my highest path and purpose.
This made my transition from the conditioned mind into the Higher Mind much smoother than most experience… and by smoother I do not mean that I have not been thrown through the works … been dragged through every bush backwards and been broken more times than I can count … what I mean is, that early studies gave me the knowledge that allowed me to ‘pick myself up’ with more ease … everything that ‘happened to me’ (this is the primary perspective of the conditioned mind) only made me stronger … it only made me want something bigger than myself more … my pain … my traumas … my failures … my wounding’s’ … were used as fuel to take me where I now stand. The current my soul had pulled me into was strong … even though I was still deep in my slumber.
Once I gained the knowledge I hold now … and put that knowledge to use (thankyou Lock-down for giving me the space to do this) I detached completely from the collective conditioned mind and was raised into a frequency and vibration that operates above the conditioning that we have all been subjected too. What I have learned from this higher perspective is that there is one thing … just one thing … that operates the conditioned collective mind … and that is Fear.
Your fears are what are holding you in your belief patterns that perpetuate your fears… Fear is what keeps you in line, in check … it is what keeps you small and controllable … and it is the most powerful force that the negative polarization uses to maintain their hold on Our World.
You think your fears keep you safe, do they? Or do they keep you from doing the things you most want to do … you think your fears are real, are they? Can you physically touch them or do they just live in your head? … you think … you think … you think … what if you didn’t think about your fears … what then? What is left? Do you know yourself outside of your fears? Or are you too scared to look and know yourself beyond what you have been told you should be?
Your fear is an illusion … a by-product of the conditioning humanity has been exposed to for eons of time. IT IS NOT REAL … you make it real by giving it your power – your attention, your awareness –
I highly recommend reading – “feel the fear and do it anyway’ by Susan Jeffers.
Once I stopped fearing my potential – because that is all we are protecting by being fearful – and I stepped into the things that scared the shit out of me like starting a social media coaching business and talking about bat shit crazy things like ascension, spirit, Christ Consciousness and opening myself up to ridicule and abuse from strangers … I realized that those things weren’t half as scary as I made them out to be in my mind.
This gave me the confidence to do more things I was fearful of … and the more I stepped into my fears, the more my fears fell away … I actually began enjoying the things that once seemed so scary.
The quickest way past your fears is through them … my personal development path led me to NLP which assisted me greatly in shedding the layers of conditioning and beliefs that were keeping me held in conditionality … where only the small-self governs. Once these layers were removed, I experienced an accelerated awakening … for those who have been on this journey with me since the beginning have seen me transition through the different levels of consciousness … my teachings and way of Being has shifted in a wave like fashion.
My true awakening only occurred in 2020 – although I have always been open and receptive to mystical and magical. Letting go of my fears is what has allowed me to experience a state of Being that is endowed with peace & love.
Fears are experienced when we hold onto the should’s in life – that person should be like this … the world should be like … this situation should have been like this or that … I should of got the promotion … the house … the partner … I should get everything I want or life is not worth living attitude.
Let go of the should’s … and many of your fears will fall away … as your fears fall away … you detach from the conditioned mind and the belief patterns that hold you in the small-self … allowing your mind to connect to a Higher Consciousness … your mind will not become silent, rather it will become your greatest ally and asset. The more you raise your consciousness by letting go of any and all fears … the more room you make for your Soul to come in and be contained within you … and eventually Spirit will be embodied whilst in physical form.
I enjoy listening to what’s going on inside my mind … there are some dialogs that I am privy too … my guides (which are me existing in a higher octave) are always communing with me and guiding me towards what is required in the now moment. Life is no longer a struggle and it hasn’t been for years, It takes very little physical effort to create these days … it just flows through me, I AM a hollow bone … to where I’m even surprised with the ease and flow of all things – there is no good or bad now … there is only experience … and all experience is welcome and embraced.
Where you are Now is not where you will always remain … where I AM now is not where I will remain.
Your mind will change as you progress through your awakening process … it will not always be the negative place you have known it to be … it can become a beautiful place that you enjoy retreating into you.
Be kind to yourself and your inner world will change drastically. Breaking free from the conditioned mind is no easy feat when you first awaken … but once you have detached from it … it’s easy to remain in the Higher Consciousness.
In Love & Light

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