The one piece of advice I can give you that will change how you move through your spiritual awakening … in fact your life in general …
and it’s something that most struggle to do … and the not doing it is the very reason why so many remain stuck in a place they no longer want to be …
Avoid or stop all together (the latter is the more challenging option of course) getting upset with yourself or giving yourself a hard time for the ‘negative’ thoughts that you think and the ‘negative’ emotions that you feel.
It is the dwelling on these things that holds you in that state and calls more of it to you!
If you allowed yourself to think and feel without holding an opinion on it (because all opinions are subjective)… the energy of those thoughts and emotions will move through you within minutes … sometimes hours … it is your awareness being held on these thoughts and feelings that binds you to them and them to you.
Do you believe that life is supposed to be perfect? Where you feel no low thoughts or feelings? And if you do feel these things then you are not spiritual … not a good person … not worthy?
You need to be honest with yourself when answering these questions.
Life is not about being happy continuously … or having everything you think you want … you would learn nothing is this was the case and your Soul will not be able to progress in its own evolutionary journey.
Life is a series of experiences that allow you to learn fully … learn fully means that you experience all aspects of a teaching … not just one aspect or one part.
In order to learn the teachings found in wealth you must experience a lifetime of wealth and a lifetime of poverty or experience wealth and poverty in the same lifetime … in doing so you learn the true value of wealth through both experiences, not just through one – The having it and not having – this is a simple analogy for your understanding of how lessons truly come to us … and it is never the way we think.
The hard time you give yourself about thinking low thoughts or feeling low emotions prevents you from moving through your soul lessons with more ease it.
You can learn through fear … through depression … through suffering … yet that doesn’t mean you have to stay in those spaces … when you are in these periods of ‘low’ you can learn much about yourself … if only you asked the right questions instead of berating yourself for thinking and feeling the way you do.
Instead of beating yourself up psychologically and emotionally why not instead create the habit of constructively asking yourself why you are giving yourself a hard time?
The answers will come from a higher aspect of yourself that Knows more than you … only when you ask the right questions … the answer you receive will hold knowledge that will become a bridge for you into higher consciousness.
Just because you think something doesn’t make it real … what makes it real is you honing in on it and then making it something far greater than it needs to be.
This journey requires a sense of humor … and the small self takes itself far too seriously … a kindly humorous regard towards the self will allow you to go beyond the dictates of the small self and all the rules she/he has placed around you.
If you truly want to lift above the pattern of berating yourself for being in a certain space … I offer you this technique that allowed me to lift above the sea of shit I once drowned within …
Every time you become aware of you giving yourself a hard time … get a pen and paper and ask yourself – “why am I giving myself such a hard time” and then keep asking why… you will soon run of excuses and justifications and will begin to see the real issue. And now you know what to actually work with for healing and integration … rather than the shit show going on in your head, which is just there to distract you from the deeper wounds you still hold.
Notice the question is about you giving yourself a hard time and NOT why do I think and feel this way … because the problem isn’t really the thought in this instance … the problem is the power you give the thought by giving yourself a hard time
For thinking it in the first place.
We live in a collective grid of consciousness … negative chatter can be expected from time to time … we are biological beings … low emotions come part of the being Human experience. It’s all to do with the power you give these things … not necessarily the things themselves.
… it is the hard time you give yourself that causes most of the problems … when you remove this one thing … because that is truly what it is … just one thing – you giving yourself a hard time … you will move through your own personal cycles of high and low in a more fluid and neutral manner.
This changed my whole experience of myself … it took commitment and guts to stop myself in my tracks and ask the right questions … if it worked for me it can also work for you.
Do the work and then you can BE the work.
Always in Love & Light

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