Ascension is a complex process with many layers and levels of understanding and this information is being assimilated to each and every one of us in accordance to our own frequency, vibration and unique soul ascension pathway.

The knowledge of ascension is as diverse at the sources they come from… and they are purposely designed this way so they can reach all levels of consciousness and awaken each level to the next level.
The video below is a visual representation that is in most alignment with this pocket of knowledge – message – …
the totality of your consciousness (whatever level that at be at) is the center sphere …. All other spheres that are separate but connected to the center sphere are fractured aspect of the original source (center sphere) of consciousness. All the same consciousness just experiencing a different and unique level and perspective of creation.
In its most simplistic form Ascension is a pattern of unlearning and relearning that repeats on itself.
Each new level of awareness – or consciousness – requires the unlearning and relearning of something … to fine tune the energetics found in that area for the purposes of growth and expansion.
The more we grow and expand the more capacity we have to hold and store energy.
I am a conduit … a channel for higher consciousness. I am an ascended and ascending consciousness, that has chosen to reincarnate in physical form for the purpose of my own personal souls growth and expansion… and to assist with the ascension of the collective consciousness.
I do not channel a specific deity, group or being … when I ask where my knowledge comes from I always receive the same answer … I Am you, You are Me, We are One … and for a long time this perplexed me … I got the idea of it … but I hadn’t yet experienced it… and for a long time the deeper understanding was lost to the conscious part of me … I am now at the stage in my awakening that I now understand this source and where my knowledge bleeds through from.
I am the Source. I am fractured aspect of my higher self, which has experienced many ascension timelines in the span of my soul’s existence. I am reawakening to a higher totality of my consciousness and I am in connection and communication with many higher aspects of myself in the higher levels of consciousness that exist in this Universe.
The knowledge I receive bleeds through my veil of forgetfulness from the higher consciousness of Myself … this higher self is continuously guiding me and all other lower ‘fractured’ aspects myself.
We are each experiencing unique and separate experiences in our own timelines and realities and through the weakening of my veil and through intention and dedication a channel of communication has been established and is used.
The total sum of ‘Our’ experiences is shared through the interact web of creational energy that makes up the totality of the source of our consciousness, each separate fractured aspect connects to another aspect, which connects to each other and the source. This creational web of energy, which looks like an etheric lattice allows the merging of experience to occur and the sum total of each experience attained and integrated by each fractured aspect to merge … to add to the overall experience of the source of consciousness and its overall evolutionary growth.
Ascension is the process of higher consciousness guiding lower consciousness and we can relate that to our human experiencing of caring for lower life forms … the animal kingdom and plant kingdom. Take this everyday occurrence of ‘caring for pets and plants’ and expand that concept to higher consciousness …
we have a higher aspect of self that resides in a higher level of consciousness, which is guiding us towards their level of consciousness … the higher up the consciousness resides the less separation is perceived and more unity – collective consciousness – is evident…. we feel this guidance through many mediums – intuition, signs, angel numbers, knowing’s, synchronicities.
All of these subtle energies are being showered upon us by a higher levels of our own totality of consciousness.
This progression of the higher-self guiding the lower-self can be traced back to the Source of All Creation. The pattern repeats as the consciousness desires to expand and grow.
Our planets consciousness – the plenary conscious – is now at the stage where the expansion barrier is being breached due to collective experiences obtained by each individualized soul incarnating on the planet … the breaching of the expansion barrier is ascension… And it occurs the same way … in the same process … regardless of the level the consciousness resides.
Imagine if you will the ripple effect a stone thrown in water makes … the circle expands from the center outward … with consecutive waves of circles following the first … this is what all levels of consciousness experience … at the macrocosm and the microcosm – galactic consciousness and individualized consciousness.
It is through the totality of experience obtained that excites the particulates of energy that make up the entire multiverse … to duplicate again and again, which builds its capacity to hold and store more energy so it can breach the next expansion barrier through the process of combustion to start the whole process again.
This is the death and rebirth process … death from one state of consciousness and rebirth into the next level of consciousness available.
This is the most simplified version of ascension I am currently bringing through … the analogies will help your conscious mind make some sense of what is occurring through the awakening process.
There is a science to ascension … and the collective has been conditioned to remain ignorant – unaware – through the holding back of this knowledge.
The Age of Aquarius is here to rectify this and knowledge is available at all of our fingertips … the desire to know more … is an act of free will … and only you can choose to climb the spiral of ascension and activate your higher mind and all other higher minds connected to you through of your own sphere of consciousness.
Knowledge is the key to ascension … we must feed our conscious mind with this knowledge so we may awaken more of our unconscious mind to us … and start operating from the higher mind that each of us has guiding us.
I wish you well as you walk your ascension pathway.
In love & Light 👽

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