Our childhood years are so impactful on our lives because they are the first stages of life in physical form … its where we become assimilated to the earth energies and the way of the world in the realm of matter….the realm of duality!
There is no perfect childhood, each of us … You, Me, Your parents, their parents and their parent etc. … we were all children once … we all come into Beingness in the same way, with the same purpose … TO EVOLVE
Earth is a construct that exists for the underlying purpose of evolution … there is nothing but evolution. Everything that exists – both seen and unseen – operates on the fundamentals of evolution. To become more than it was before.
Here in physical form, we have each chosen to be here, in one of the most challenging constructs in this Universe, to evolve beyond what we were before.
Having a difficult childhood – which every single one of us has had, regardless of the specific events that unfolded for you – because during these years we access a lot of experiences that, once assimilated and integrated in adult life will drive the soul (you) towards the experiences that are in alignment with your soul’s personal ascension path back to the creator.
We exist in the realm of polarization, of duality … this means that in order to assimilate the full experience of Earth life, you must experience the full range of experiences available – we see this as positive & negative, because we are programmed into the rules of the game, that we integrate through the mechanism of polarization and duality.
Polarization means to separate – to split – and we have the veil of forgetfulness to assist us with the separation element of earth life. We are born believing that we are separate individual people, disconnected from the concept of Oneness.
Duality means to oppose – to be opposite – this is where our lens of perception towards ‘good & bad’ comes in. Through this lens we learn the lessons of duality by experiencing the good & bad in life so we can experience the full spectrum of the earth life experience….this where our childhood experiences come into play.
As we move through the experiences of duality, we begin collecting a store bank of data – thoughts, feelings and actions, that assist us in navigating through the human experience…You know not to do something because of what happened last time, or because you didn’t like it when it was done to you … so we take another route, we make a different choice.
Through the making a different choice & taking a new route, avoiding the old route, we expand our range of experiences and become more aware of a bigger aspect to life.
We move back towards Unity, towards Oneness through our own free will… with an array of experiences that have shaped and molded you into the Being you now are.
When you reach this stage of your awakening – climbing the ascension spiral you once descended from – you being to realize the perfectly orchestrated symphony that is the Cosmos.
You recognize and are thankful for all the experiences in your life, most importantly the first experiences you ever experienced – your childhood – and you can see why all that transpired before was a seamlessly scripted scene from the movie that is your life… because you now see all it taught you.
And the why is focused on the ‘things you got from your childhood experiences – NOT the childhood experiences themselves –
you recognize that without that abuse, neglect, pain, sorrow, abonnement, being controlled, being ignored, feeling alone … and all the other shit that each person in this world has moved through … we would not be this version right now.
Your mother being unloving moved you towards being a more loving mother …
Your father not being there moved you towards becoming the best father you could possibly be …
Seeing your parent stay together but being very unhappy moved you towards never settling for anything less than what you desire and deserve …
This list goes on and on … remember, every single person moves through these feeling of having a terrible childhood, my parents, their parents, their parents parents etc. …. The experiences are varied but the feelings remain a collective trauma we each must move through to expand and grow.
Childhood is not supposed to be easy or perfect … each unique childhood experience will be laced with experiences that will cause pain, hurt, fear, guilt, rejection etc. …. Because it is only through experiencing these ‘things’ that we determine what’s right and wrong for Us … which propels us towards our souls path and purpose. We also recognize how strong we truly are by becoming more than we have experienced.
The truth is this … the tougher the childhood, the more potential for holding light within your being and accelerating your awakening & ascension journey…. BUT only if you step into the higher mind & perspective and view your life from the higher plains of existence… where you choose to see the lessons, the growth and the gratitude for all that came before

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