Do not let the shadow claim a victory that is has not yet won!
The shadow parts of you will make it appear as if they have Won … because the shadow knows this is the only way to move you towards the light.
The shadow plays the part of ‘Evil’ because that is what we, as a society, has made it to be.
It is only when you believe the shadow has won that you give up on the internal fight and choose to remain in the dark defeated.
The shadow wants you to fight back … because fighting back means that you are moving towards the light.
ONLY When you are in the light … can you see the shadow for what it really is …
An Ally … A pattern of Power which holds within it a set of characteristics and strengths that can be called upon & used to assist Us in the evolution of our Soul and the raising the Collective Consciousness.
So … do not let your shadow claim a victory it has not yet won … it is a battle that the shadow was never destined to win … the shadow battle is designed to activate your Will & Higher Mind … so wholeness can be achieved and the Soul can be called in

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