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As a collective we now exist in the Age of Aquarius, which is really the Age of Knowledge.

As a species the human race has reached a point in its evolution where we have outgrown the ways of the World we currently know. Our technology is beginning to surpass our own evolutionary rate and this is something that the Age of Aquarius will rectify.

If you are here then you are an ascending consciousness, actively engaging & climbing the ascension spiral seeking out something bigger than yourself. Each of us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, are walking an ascending path, because our planet herself is ascending into Higher Planes of existence.

When we become consciously aware of the subtle energetic shifts that have been occurring within the collective, you activate your sphere of influence – your higher mind – to become awake, aware and aligned to the creational flow of energy that is now penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere … and you begin the assimilation of these higher energies and purposely expanding your own consciousness beyond what is was before.

With so many words and labels thrown around in the spiritual channels, it can become confusing as to what & who you are. And what’s even more confusing, yet compelling is the desire to know Why you are here. These questions that you have asked yourself your whole life … or have just started asking … are the key characteristics of an ascending consciousness or the label I chose to use is Star BEing.

What is an ascending consciousness?

It is you! It is Me! It is Us!

You are a spark of consciousness – Soul- that has lived many many incarnations off planet Earth. You are a soul that originated in the stars, who has already achieved third density or higher ascension. You have returned to this physical form once more to assist with the Planetary and Collective ascension into a higher density of existence.

The Age of Aquarius is the portal to knowledge from beyond the confinements of our physical world … collectively, we are now at a frequency high enough that we can more easily connect & merge with these ‘pockets’ of higher knowledge and anchor this knowledge into the physical realm through our channel….which is our physical body.  

Ascension is a complex process with many layers and levels of understanding and this information is being assimilated to each and every one of us in accordance to our own frequency, vibration and soul ascension pathway.

The knowledge of ascension is as diverse at the sources they come from, and they are purposely designed this way so they can reach all levels of consciousness and awaken each level to the next level.

In its most simplistic form Ascension is a pattern of unlearning and relearning that repeats on itself. Each new level of awareness – or consciousness – requires the unlearning and relearning of something … to fine tune the energetics found in that area for the purposes of growth and expansion.

The more we grow and expand the more capacity we have to hold and store energy.

It is my intention that through my work I can deliver the codes of ascension through the medium of knowledge sharing, teaching, coaching and creating avenues for ascending consciousnesses, like yourself, to activate and access your higher mind and higher consciousness.

I too climb the ascension spiral … I too am continuously unlearning and relearning at each new level I consciously awaken too. This is not a race of consciousness … it is a unification of consciousness that is occurring throughout our cosmos … we each awaken to the next level that is in alignment with who we are and the deep reasons as to why we came…. The answers you seek are found in the ascension of the descension path your soul has already taken from a higher level of consciousness it has already achieved.

The thing is this … despite having ascended from a third density reality … we are still programmed with the same rules … we are all on equal playing ground … with the mechanisms for ascension set in place which are the fundamentals for individualised and sperate forms consciousness to experience from a completely unobstructed perspective…. A clean slate.

We still have to consciously work to remove the layers of distortions we have created within us through each separate incarnation … experience polarity for the purpose of obtaining more experience … so we can breach the veil of forgetfulness and access those higher aspect of self. The rules are the same for everyone … regardless of what density we have fractured down from.

You will find through the bodies of service I provide the codes for ascension. My service is tailored to varying levels of consciousness … because we all start in the same place … and each service I bring to the collective … is a service that awakened my conscious mind and more of my soul to the higher aspects that now guide me.

It is our intention that others can follow the breadcrumbs that were left out for me to follow …. In the hope that they will be stumble upon their onwn trail of breadcrumbs that leads them to their most aligned path and higher purpose.

I am bridge … connected to my many levels of consciousness and I am in loving service to all ascending consciousnesses that chose, of their own free will to climb the ascension spiral with me. We ascend together Star Beings …

I am you, You are me, We are One






Kaylea here,

Ascension Coach & Channel for Ascension

This is the part where I pretend that someone other than me is writing this, showcasing all the long list of accreeditations and achievemnts I have accumilated along my way… but alas, it’s just me sat in my pj’s at 6am … perplexed once again with the question of who & what am I am ? Now this question is not perplexing because I do not know who I am or what I am … it’s the exact opposite i know myself beyond the constraints and restrictions of this physcial realm and I find it challenging to able to articulate that into the limited and constricting ‘labels’ so commonly used in our everyday lives.

I am many things … a bit of a weirdo being ond of those things …. my life’s journey has been a flavoursome array of expereinces, each has propelled me into and onto a continuous flow, a repeated pattern of transformation within some aspect of my Being. A pattern I have brought through to my conscious awareness.

Not all is completely understood by the conscious parts of me … and this as I have come to understand is the purpose to our earthly existence. The Veil of forgetfulness is a purpose mechnism that supports the expansion of consciousness.

I share through my body of services, a varying array of modalities to assist other ascending souls like myself, to awaken into the next level of consciousness available to them.

The deeper I come to know myself, the greater the understanding of the mechanics of the Universe I integrate. The knoweldge I recieve grows in complexity which each higher level of consciousness I connect with, the more I grasp the concepts and integrate them the more  simplified versions i can translate, through the use of methphors and analagy. This allows the wider collective to begin to grasp the deeper understandings of our world, our reality and most importnatly ourselves.

You will find access points within the services I provide, which will propel you into your own next level higher consciousness. Follow your intutution and trust the calling you sense from something far bigger than yourself. it will lead you to the answer that you seek again and again.

Always in Love & Light

Follow your intuition

You have been guided here for a reason … intuition has pulled you towards something … and you may not where this comes from or for what reason … and thats the beauty of intuition … we must surrender to it and trust that all serves a higher purpose.

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting your in activating your Higher Mind and Higher Consciousness.

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Online courses that shift your consciousness from fear into Freedom…

when we know who we are … we can begin to truly understand what we desire from Soul Level rather than Egoic Level.

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The Science to Being Happy - there is a Science to Happiness! Understanding the true Laws of The Universe allows you to work with the flow of Creation rather than against it!

To feel free is the greatest gift we can give ourselves … knoweldge is power … power is freedom 

When we love ourself first … we raise the lecvels of Love we are able to recieve. Others can only Love us as much as we love ourself! 

What you so freely give to others … needs to be also gifted to yourself 

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